Sunday, December 18, 2016

Free Borders

I was browsing my files and stumbled across some borders that I made a few months ago. You can find them at the bottom of this post. I forgot them,  but I'm happy that I found something I can share with you all.

I will give you 12+ free borders to help you decide weather this is something you would like to use in your products.

My Rainbow Border set has six different designs...

Download this free border
Download this free border
Download this free border
Download this free border
Download this free border
Download this free border
 ... in 10 colors (9 rainbow + black&white)....

  ... both with white and transparent background.

 So there is total of 120 borders.

 If you are interested in adding all these colorful boarders to your new products just click HERE or on the image bellow.

 If you are looking for FREE borders, you can now download not just the 6 yellow borders from the top of this post, but also six new borders that you can find bellow. They are free, so grab them for your next product.

Download this free border
Download this free border
Download this free border
Download this free border
Download this free border
Download this free border

 Feel free and download everything you like, or get the entire Yellow Border Set HERE.

And this isn't everything...subscribe to our newsletter and we will send you one of the borders in all ten colors.

Well, that's it! What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

Sunday, December 11, 2016

2D Shapes Task Cards

Looking for extra practice with shapes? These task cards will give your kiddos additional practice keeping them busy and occupied. I highly recommend this sort of activity for those who want to engage their students with some easy to prep learning activities.

2 D Shapes Task Cards

Task cards are super effective, simple and fun resources for any centers, stations, partner work, individual work, classroom games. Scoot is a must play game with task cards.

Scoot Classroom Game

Math Center Task Cards

Scoot is a game where you simply place a task card on each desk in your classroom. Students move around the classroom answering questions, solving math problems.

Children will answer the questions on their answer sheets.

First Grade Math Center

Say “SCOOT!” when you want them to move to the next number. You can go as fast as you like.

Then you can check the answers with the class.

Kindergarten Math Center

You can differentiate easily by customizing with target pages.

You can print the task cards in color or black & white on a cardstock or laminate them and
use them for ages. I love to put them on a ring, but you can keep them in a baggie, too.

Elementary School Math Station

The best part about this 2D Shapes Task Card Set is no prep, just print and play.
 If you are interested in adding this Shape Task Card Set to your classroom, just click HERE or on the image bellow, or just pin it for later.

2D Shapes Activity

If you need more task cards check out this post:
Christmas Addition Math Facts with Three Addends Task Cards 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Addition Math Facts with Three Addends Task Cards

Christmas is right about the corner and I am ready to celebrate with some fun, hands-on and engaging resources.
I made this set of math task cards for my six year old little girl to practice addition math facts with three addends, but it is also a perfect activity for classroom use for some fun learning too!

Christmas Addition Task Card set is  perfect for math centers, as early finishers activity, for free time and of course for playing Scoot during the holiday season.

How to play Scoot - put a task card on each student’s desk. The students move around the room to solve each problem. Students start, finish and move on teacher's instruction.

  If you want to get your students  moving, still working on their own, you can simply display the cards around the room, for students to find and solve. The children are actively learning as they stand and scoot around the room, and they don't even know, that they are doing work. Kids play their way to mastering math facts.

 Here is one of my task cards. Look at each Christmas Tree, count the ornaments and find the matching equation:


...same in black and white version.


I included three different recording sheets. So, we can use the task cards in three different ways. I like to use them for extra practice.

In the first answer sheet kids write the correct answer a, b, c or d.


 The second one is designed not just to find the equation that match the Christmas Tree, on each task cards, but also to copy it and then solve the particular addition problem.




 The third recording sheet offers extra practice. Students copy all the equations from the task cards, and solve every single addition problem.



Students can check their answers on the answer key.

 Click HERE or on the picture below, if you need this Christmas Addition Task Card Set!


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2D Shape Task Cards

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

How and When to Teach a Child Math Facts

 When to Teach a Child Math Facts

Most two-year-olds can recite the numbers one through ten, but just few of them understand that the name of a number can refer to the number of items in a set: five cars, three teddy bears, two flowers.

Math can only be mastered by acquiring basic understanding, not by memorizing the math facts. In other words, if your child can count and understand:


Number recognition

Number meaning 


...then he is ready to learn math facts.

There are the addition math facts 3+4=7, subtraction math facts 5-1=4, multiplication math facts 5x4=20 and division math fact 40/8=5.

How to Teach a Child Math Facts

 Here are some strategies that can help your child master basic facts:

1. Skip Counting - counting by 2s (2,4,6,8,10), 3s (3,6,9...)

2. Make 10

3. Doubles 4+4=8

4. Near doubles  4+5=9

5.Commutative Property 2+6=8  6+2=8

6. Fact Families - addition/subtraction fact families and multiplication/division fact families. (e.g. addition and subtraction fact family for numbers 2,3,5 are 2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5-2=3, 5-3=2)

Most importantly, give your child a fun way to practice their math facts, and you will be making an active improvement in their mental and physical health as a result.

I created this ladybug clip cards with addition facts to 10 to help my child develop her fact fluency.

How to teach a child math facts
I also made my cards self-checking, which makes them PERFECT for independent work! It is known that independence is fundamental for success, boosts confidence and promotes happiness.

Ladybug Math Addition Math Fact Fluency

There is one card for each addition fact with sums to 10. 65 clip card altogether. These cards can be differentiated very simply.
- If you want to practice double fact fluency, you can select the cards with double facts. You can also pick out the Make 10 cards, the Commutative Property cards, the Near Double cards.

Math Fact Fluency Addition

You can find this printable self-checking clip card set bellow.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to Use Bingo Cards in Different Ways

I have been playing Bingo with my students for ages. I wrote about ways we use Bingo cards in my older posts Bingo with Shapes and Bingo Numbers  to 100.
 We love to play Bingo at home as well. Since I have four and six year old kiddos, we have been playing bingo entirely in a traditional way so far. I didn't even think about what and how could we use this game in other ways.
  I thought that it is far more than enough for my preschoolers to describe shapes and master the three languages they are speaking.

We simply hand out one Bingo card to everyone.

The caller pulls out one image, describes it and shows it to the others.
Shapes Hands on Activity
The participants place something (pebbles, coins, beans) on the called image if it is on their cards.
2D Shapes Bingo

Homeschooling Shapes
 The aim of this game is to be the first  player who marks all the images on your card to get BINGO.
Shapes Kindergarten Elementary School Activities

Shape Matching Games

 Such a great thing happened today. My kiddos made up two new ways to play with bingo cards. It happened so naturally, while they were waiting for us to start the game.

First, they started sorting the cards by shapes and by colors.
How to use Bingo Cards in Different Ways
Why didn't think of that?
2D Shapes Patterning Activity
 Then they used the bingo card as a pattern card.
How to use Bingo Cards in Different Ways
 When learning becomes a game, everyone has so much fun.
Shape Bingo
 It made my day!
Math Center

 You can find this printable bingo set bellow.